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psychoseal's Journal

13 January
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Right me: 21 years old... Love F1 and Moto gp. Support Felipe Massa and Valentino Rossi. I am not over Michael Schumacher abandoning me for retirement and probably never will be. Also support Dudu Massa (Brazilian stock car), Christian Klien, Timo Glock, Heikki Kovalainen, nelson piquet, Nicky Hayden, Mika Kallio, Stefan Bradl, Lucas Di Grassi and Bruno Senna - and that’s just motor racing...

Now for football!! - I support the greatest team on Earth - Rochdale AFC who according to their manager (should be Sir) Keith Hill they are a "premiership team in the making". Chris Dagnall and Adam Le Fondre should be knighted... Grant Holt, glen Murray and rickie Lambert should be fired from a cannon. I had a huge thing for Alan shearer when he was playing and i still love Newcastle even if they always lose. Also I like Scottish football and I support Celtic and East Stirling. With all the losing Newcastle and East Stirling seem to do you would think I would be used to losing but Im not - Im really competitive and I hate losing at anything!!

Other sports I could never even think of living without are Cricket - I go to see Somerset play as often as I can and I love them. My favourite player is Andre Adams despite the fact he doesn’t play for Somerset and I have seen him play twice - unfortunately for him he lost both games!! I have his autograph on the wall above my desk...

Ten Pin Bowling.
Totally love this sport – and I really would love to watch the Weber cup live *hint hint* My favourite players are Chris Barnes, Paul Moor and Mika Koivuniemi and one of my life ambitions is to join the moose brigade.

Snooker Loopy
Snooker Loopy nuts are we
me and them and him and me
we'll show you what we can do
with aload of balls and a snooker cue
pot the reds and screw back for the
yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black
snooker loopy nuts are we