I used to own this town

Now it’s all turned upside down

I wish I could figure out

Do you think it’s just a phase I’m going through?

Just a phase I’m going through?


Howls at the moon


TV show:

Big Wolf on Campus


Favourite character: Tommy Dawkins

Favourite episode: either the one with Santa or the one with the phobiast or the one where Mertons sister gets possessed… ok I could be here a while.


I used to be so obsessed with this show even my parents could tell you which episode was coming on the day after and recite it word for word. 


The show was about a high school senior who went camping and got bitten by a werewolf and fights to save him home town; Pleasantville from a number of evil demonic creatures. With the help of his sidekick merton dingle and in the second and third series lori Baxter. The love of his life in season one – Stacey was so irritating in a lana lang everybody wants me but I just want the attention way and I was so happy to see her gone for season 2.


The movie gag

Merton making a movie reference, then instead of talking about the movie itself, he would talk about either how the film was received or what he felt when he watched it. Afterwards Tommy usually hits him and says "in the movie!" e.g. "This is like the Purple Rose of Cairo, Woody Allen's Oscar nominated tale of longing and betrayal." "Yeah? What happened?" "The academy snubbed him, it's all so political." "What happened in the movie!?". This is the most recognizable gag in the show. Even when Tommy was under a trance he still hits Merton and when they're in a parallel dimension it is Tommy who makes the movie reference.


Big wolf trivia

Originally, Brandon Quinn had more extreme werewolf make-up. However, he had an allergic reaction to the glue and the look had to be altered


Danny Smith who plays Merton J. Dingle added a lot of his own catch phrases into the role


He also wrote, produced, and sang the show's theme song. During the show, Merton tries writing a song, and actually writes the show's theme (albeit with one or 2 words changed).

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Jensen Ross Ackles


DOB: 1-3-1978 (age 31)

Born: Dallas, Texas

Height: 6 foot 1


Starting modelling at age 4

Has am older brother (Joshua) and a younger sister (Mackenzie)


Was going to study sports medicine at Texas Tech University and become a physical therapist


Moved to LA in 1996 to pursue a full time acting career


Fan of the Dallas Cowboys.


Also sings and plays guitar.


During his free t

free time, Jensen enjoys boogie-boarding, horseback riding and photography. He is also a big fan of country music. his favorite musician is Garth Brooks. He even sang back-up vocals on good friend, Steve Carlson's albums Spot In The Corner and Rollin' On.


Jensen quotes

"When I was in middle school, some of my so-called friends found a catalog ad I did for Superman pajamas. They made as many copies


as they could and pasted them up all over school." - on his most embarrassing moment.


I'm a mad Gummi fan. I always have Gummis in my trailer. But you can't eat too many because then you get Gummi tummy, and that's no good. I can't believe I'm saying this.


Jensen as dean Winchester in supernatural

Dean: We don't? Well, we should. You're my brother.

Sam: You're my brother.

Dean: Yeah!

Sam: You know, that's what you said when you snaked my ATM card, or when you bailed on my graduation, or when you hooked up with Rachel Nayv.

Dean: Who?

Sam: Uh, my prom date. On prom night.

Dean: *under his breath* Yeah, that does kinda sound like me.


 Dean : What do you want me to do, Sam, huh? Sit around all day writing sad poems about how I’m going to die? You know what, I’ve got one. Let’s see, what rhymes with "Shut up, Sam"?

 Sam : Kids are the best?

Dean : Yeah, I love kids.

Sam : Name three children that you even know.

Dean : (scratches head)

Sam : (walks away)

Dean : I'm thinking!


“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole"


"Hey, no chick-flick moments"


"And I will tell you another thing, if you screwed up my car, I'll kill you."


"It's chow time you freaky bastard, Yeah thats right, Bring it on baby I taste good"

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Finally.. It is almost the weekend and time for my crazed obsessive obsession to return.


For the first time all day I am not listening to a track from Smallville. Mmm Jensen Ackles.


Tomorrow I shall spend all day watching my Jensey killing vampires and exorcising demons. Dean Winchester can exorcise me any day.


I am cold and I really should be getting ready for work.


New Feluardo pic the cat is so cute it is a shame I had to give him up.


What else should I be saying/doing/watching/reading…


Oh while I am here thinking about it. Pete I am sorry. And I do want you to get better soon.


Kelli I will see you in June!!

Anna I have your credit…

Patch you are awesome


Abz: thank you.


Ooh back to Smallville. And now I must go to work. 2 hours of being paid to annoy Dan!!

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Somebody saaaaaavvvvvvveeeeee meeeee

I am in a major Smallville mood.


Favourite characters: Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), Jason Teague (Jensen Ackles) and Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley).


Lex Luthor is an evil genius and seeing, as I tend to go for the bad guy, or the bald guy…


First Episode – pilot. (Season one episode one)

Last episode – artic  (season seven episode twenty)


Season one

As a child Lex was taken to Smallville by his gut wrenchingly evil father; Lionel. By what was then thought as a horrible coincidence Lex was caught up in the 1989 meteor shower that left him hairless and asthma free. The next time we see Lex he is about to take over the Smallville branch of his fathers fertilizer company affectionately referred to as a “crap” factory. He manages to run over Clark Kent and crash his Porche into a river to be saved by Clark. This leads the two future enemies to a doomed friendship.


Season two

 Lex tried to escape from under his fathers shadow by buying the Smallville plant. He also marries a miney grabbing meteor freak hellbent on killing him and a nurse hired by his father to spy on him. Safe to say neither marriage survived


Season three

Following 2 failed marrages and 3 months stranded on a desert island Lex returns to Smallville apparently ready to accept his destiny but convinced his father murdered his parents. A little digging into the past and he ends up in an asylum drugged and seemingly crazy. Also Clark finds out that Lex has been investigating him for the past 3 years and declares there friendship over.


Season four

Lex I really beginning to take on the mantle of the evil genius he will become. And although him and Clark are no longer friends Clark still comes to him for the occasional favour. With his father in jail Lex is left to run LuthorCorp. And hunt down three stones whose legend states they will give the one eho unites them all the knowledge in the universe.


Season five

Lex and Clark are now on the path to pure hatred. The second meteor shower at the end of season 4 has introduced a whole host of new meteor freaks and Lex plans to use them all. While deciding he wants lana once and for all.


Season six

After being possessed by Zod Lex nails lanas hand to a wall.. then as Lex marries her. And to cement his place in history as an evil genius tricks lana into believing shes pregnant and having her marry him. Lex has his life thrown into chaos after lana is seemingly killed in a car explosion and he is arrested for her murder.


Season seven

While trying to hunt down the traveller and find the key to controlling him Lex disposes of his father by throwing him out of a window while making it look like suicide. He follows the Clark to the artic and the two of them vanish… and Lex has not been seen alive since.


Jason Teague


Jason Teague was only in one season of Smallville. He was introduced as a normal nice guy who fell in love with Lana during the summer in Paris. He followed her back to Smallville and became the assistant coach at Smallville high. Only for Lex to have him fired for dating a student. Over the course of the season Jason became more unhinged and ended the season and his life in the meteor shower where he was holding the Kents hostage after discovering Clarks secret.


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

the CEO of Queen Industries and leader of a small group of superheroes. Hartley was a recurring guest in the sixth and seventh seasons but becomes a series regular in season eight. Hartley was the producers first choice to play Oliver Queen; he is designed to shake up the lives of both Clark and Lois, as well as provide Clark with an alternate view of how to fight crime


favourite episodes







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something i wrote last year because i was bored.

2009 Season prediction

The New Regulations

The make F1 interesting campaign

1.1   each previous race winner will be banned from the next race

1.2   The F.I.A makes the decisions on driver line ups.

1.3   The F.I.A can make changes to anything with no warning.

1.4   James Allen will not be allowed to mention Lewis Hamilton more than 10 times during a race weekend.

1.5   The winning driver will sing theirs and the teams national anthems during the podium ceremony.

1.6   The appealing of any F.I.A decisions is banned.

1.7   Anyone who disagrees or complains will be fed to Lex the shark


Driver line up



Felipe Massa

Kimi Raikkonen



Fernando Alonso (F.I.A decision)

Lewis Hamilton



Lucas Di Grassi

Bruno Senna



Robert Kubica

Christian Klien



Timo Glock

Heikki Kovalainen



Juan Pablo Montoya (F.I.A)

Michael Schumacher (F.I.A)



Jenson button

Takuma Sato (F.I.A)


Red bull

Sebastian Vettel

Giorgio Pantano


Torro Rosso

Nico Rosberg

Nelson piquet


Force India

Giancarlo Fisichella

Adrian Sutil


Season build up


Michael Schumacher celebrates his return to F1 and his 40th birthday by hosting a huge party on his yacht. The party is most noticeable by the absence of his new team mate Juan Pablo Montoya who got lost at sea (because Michael gave him the wrong location). After the party the drivers make there way back onto dry land. Lewis swims because his latest speeding offence led to Ron Dennis taking away his speed boat, Heikki hitches a ride with Fernando Alonso while Felipe Massa simply walks ashore.



The F.I.A decides in the best interests of the sport to ban Ferrari and Mclaren from the first two races. Also that Ralf Schumacher will replace Montoya until they can find him. Michael funds a global search party.


The season


As the 8 teams show up for the Australian Grand Prix it is clear the crowd have no interest without Ferrari. The F.I.A realise there mistake and invite Ferrari back only for the drivers to refuse as Felipe is attending his brothers wedding and Kimi is drunk.



In front of an empty stadium Michael Schumacher wins comfortably even stopping for 20 minutes to have a sandwich. BBCs sole focus for the weekend who also answers to Jenson Button started 19th (out of 16) and was able to manage 12th.



After a month of listening to Ralf Schumacher complain Williams chip in with Michaels search fund. The F.I.A try to get Ferrari to race in Malaysia but the drivers refuse because Felipe is delivering his wife’s baby and Kimi is drunk.



The race is won by Fisichella after the F.I.A introduce a “make F1 fair” policy and ban every other team apart from Force India. Being the only one in the race after Sutil is fed to Lex the shark as punishment for complaining about the F.I.A Fisichella doesn’t actually finish. But he is given the win and the points down to 8th place.



Ferrari and Mclaren finally turn up. Ferrari minus Kimi Raikkonen who decided he doesn’t want to be beaten by Felipe again so he will only show up at races Felipe doesn’t like. Ferrari reckons Massa can win it on his own so they fire Kimi. Kimi takes refuge with a huge bottle of vodka and a karaoke machine. The race is once again won by Felipe Massa who is now only 29 points behind Fisichella.



Lucas is ordered to go to Ferrari while Renault employs a completely new driver who no one has ever heard of.



The race is won by Fernando Alonso who beat Lewis Hamilton prompting outrage from daddy Hamilton who complained about the F.I.A forcing Hamilton to accept second place behind Alonso. Daddy Hamilton was then fed to Lex as punishment.



Lewis is in mourning for his daddy for a whole minute during the race build up and was starting to annoy the F.I.A so they banned him. James Allen went crazy and broke his quota for mentioning Lewis and as punishment was fed to Lex. The race was won by Felipe Massa and was commentated on by Eduardo Massa and Martin Brundle. Felipe is now only 19 points behind championship leader Giancarlo Fisichella.



After disappearing in January Juan Pablo Montoya is finally found on a wooden raft freezing cold and starving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He is airlifted to the nearest McDonalds. Lex the shark died of food poisoning after eating James Allen and until a replacement shark can be found anyone sentenced to be Lex-food will be kept in the dungeon until a new shark can be found. Kimi Raikkonen was rushed to hospital for an emergency transfusion after collapsing. It was discovered that he had blood in his alcohol stream.



Juan Pablo Montoya fully recovered (with the help of double cheese burgers, ice cream and milkshakes) finishes second behind team mate Michael Schumacher. Hamilton and Alonso have a fist fight on the grid and are fined £20 000 for not giving the F.I.A enough notice in order for them to sell tickets. Fernando attempts to appeal the decision by saying he was a victim – clearly breaking one of the new regulations and as punishment is locked in the dungeon.


Great Britain

Timo Glock won Britain's annual submarine race but the thing everyone was talking about was the appointment of Eduardo Massa as Lewis Hamiltons new team mate.



The F.I.A finally replaces Lex with a new shark and feed Alonso to him. They run a competition among the drivers to name him. Lewis Hamilton wins and the new shark is named Clark. Lewis is given 10 points as a prize.



Michael Schumacher wins in France for the ninth time in his career his old team mate Felipe Massa and Felipe Massas brother Eduardo join Schumacher on the podium and the three of them have a karaoke competition after the drinking the champagne and are too intoxicated to do the press conference. The F.I.A doesn’t punish them as BBC wouldn’t show it because Hamilton could only manage 8th place.



Eduardo wins his first race despite having a technical problem with his gearbox and switching to Torro Rosso half way through the race. The F.I.A realise how cute he looks on the podium with his older brother and decides not to punish Eduardo. The man who built his gear box is fed to Clark.



This could prove to be the turning point in BMWs season after a dominant 1-2. Ferrari decided to give Felipe the weekend of, Eduardo was banned for winning in Germany and Michael Schumacher was shopping. So probably not.


Championship at the half way point


  1. Michael Schumacher - 50
  2. Felipe Massa - 42
  3. Lewis Hamilton – 42
  4. Giancarlo Fisichella -39
  5. Christian Klien - 33
  6. Timo Glock - 30
  7. Robert Kubica - 26
  8. Bruno Senna – 24




The team owner of Force India reminds the F.I.A they never gave them a replacement for Adrian Sutil and that Fisichella has had to double his crash rate in order to make up for it. The F.I.A has the owner fed to Clark and replaces Adrian Sutil with Casey Stoner, as his record of crashing is even better than Fisichellas.



Felipe Massa didn’t actually turn up for the Turkish grand prix but everyone thought he would win anyway so they just gave him the points and the trophy. Rob Smedley collected it for him and took part in the press conference while Felipe organised his victory party.


Casey Stoner decides he needs a rest and Kimi Raikkonen – who has recovered from his illness – replaces him. He finishes fifth prompting Ron Dennis to protest that force India didn’t go through the correct process in borrowing Kimi. The F.I.A feed Ron Dennis to Clark. The race was won by Lewis Hamilton.



Clark quits his job as F.I.A official shark and returns to the wild because he is sick of only eating humans and wants a tuna sandwich. He returns half an hour later when subway refuses to serve him.



Massa realised he was more likely to score more points finishing second than he was for winning so with one lap to go he mysteriously slowed down allowing nelson piquet through for the victory. The F.I.A are furious with Felipe but cant find anything in there rules that make what he did illegal. So they make a new one.


Amendment to “The make F1 interesting campaign”

1.8   No driver will be allowed to deliberately not win.

1.9   Any driver said to be deliberately undermining the F.I.A will be fed to Clark



Felipe realising he cant pull the same trick twice qualifies in last place for the Belgium grand prix. After Rob Smedley threatens to feed him to Clark for his woeful performance he fights his way through the field and is closing in on Juan Pablo Montoya when some idiot puts the chequered flag out a lap early. Casey Stoner quit after he got bored, and the F.I.A call up Valentino Rossi who has already won the Moto GP season. On his debut for the team he finishes 6th



Rossi wanting to prove he is the best at whatever he does: wins in Singapore after Felipe Massa ran out of fuel on the last corner and had to get out and walk. Michael Schumacher has second thoughts about his big comeback and takes the Singapore grand prix off in order to re-evaluate his career.



The F.I.A announce a series of changes for the 2010 season which include installing sprinklers at every grand prix track so that when a race becomes boring they can make it rain. Also upon hearing about Michael Schumacher potentially quitting they drag him back and make it illegal to retire without their written permission. Anyone who does gets fed to Clark.



Following a torrential downpour the Japanese health and safety executives ban the cars. After 27 and a half hours Michael Schumacher wins the race narrowly beating Juan Pablo Montoya (who is later disqualified and fed to Clark when it’s discovered he got a taxi). Only four people finish the race and the F.I.A in order to be consistent gives Michael Schumacher the points for 1st and Giancarlo Fisichella the points for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th.



After a 30 hour run the F.I.A give the four drivers who finished the Japanese grand prix the weekend off. Following the absence of any real stars the race is a BMW 1-2 with Klien taking his first win. Then the controversy returned when Robert Kubica demands the F.I.A give him the win because Klien has a smaller nose. The F.I.A laughs at him and has him fed to Clark



So close to the end of the season the F.I.A decided not to replace Kubica because they don’t have the energy. Lewis Hamilton illegally signs a new contract with Mclaren without clearing it with the F.I.A and gets fed to Clark.


Felipe Massa brings home a Brazilian 1-5 and is joined on the podium by Lucas Di Grassi, Bruno Senna, Eduardo Massa and nelson piquet. They are all given microphones and together sing the Brazilian national anthem to millions of adoring fans.


Abu Dhabi

Felipe having won the championship decides to show up and watch it. Lucas Di Grassi wins from pole with Eduardo second and Bruno third. The four of them get extremely drunk and leave Lucas chained to a lamppost naked.



End of season standings:


  1. Felipe Massa 94
  2. Lewis Hamilton 83
  3. Michael Schumacher 82
  4. Eduardo Massa 56
  5. Christian Klien 51
  6. Bruno Senna 50
  7. Giancarlo Fisichella 49
  8. Lucas Di Grassi 47


Felipe hosts his “Im the world champion” party. Heikki Kovalainen is discovered under the table with Kimi Raikkonen drunk singing Finnish folk songs. The F.I.A ban Kimi from drinking for a month after he got drunk and thought Clark was drowning and tried to release him, leaving the poor shark so scared of humans he wont ever eat them again.

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